For several years, ENVISION -- the Classic Yes Tribute Band -- has performed Yes music live to enthusiastically raving reviews. Not only have long-time Yes fans been completely stunned by the exactness and depth-of-heart with which the band performs, but the group has received accolades from the members of Yes itself.

Have you ever questioned if Yes music could move into the next generation of performers? Doubt it no longer!

A concert with ENVISION is a total sensory experience. Every member of ENVISION plays with complete confidence, enthusiasm and the highest regard not only for the notes, but the total sound of the Yes experience. Their performance reveals, with great clarity, the beauty, subtlety and majesty of Yes compositions and ENVISION's own brilliant artistry. These five musicians have chops! If you have never had the opportunity to hear ENVISION in live concert, now you can have the next-best thing!


"ENVISION: Live @ The Tralf "
2CD set, recorded live in Buffalo, New York on February 2, 2001:

  Siberian Khatru
  Perpetual Change/Soon
  Close to the Edge
  And You and I
  I've Seen All Good People
  Yours is No Disgrace

  Owner of a Lonely Heart
  Heart of the Sunrise
  Tempus Fugit
  The Meeting (MPEG movie)

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"ENVISION: Live @ The Tralf" has been comprehensively reviewed by Russ Elliot.
You may read the complete review at Musical Discoveries Review Digest.

"ENVISION: Live @ The Tralf"  is a live performance from a single show, and naturally there are human frailties there for all to hear. But there are many truly great moments as well. In many places, ENVISION captures the magic contained in these wonderful songs! This 2-CD release is very representative of a live show from ENVISION.


        "ENVISION - A Tribute to YES" (1998)
Recorded live in the studio

  Siberian Khatru
  Long Distance Runaround
  South Side of the Sky
  I've Seen All Good People
  Wonderous Stories
  Heart of the Sunrise

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  • Matt Riddle:  Keyboards
  • Melissa Riddle:  Lead vocals, various eclectic mood enhancing percussion devices, acoustic guitar
  • John Kastelic:  Guitars
  • Alex Macdonald:  Bass
  • Marty Zlocki:  Drums and Percussion


From Patrick Moraz: "ENVISION sounds great, at times better than the original."

From Jeff Hunnicutt, co-editor of Notes From The Edge: "ENVISION is great, very true to the sound. The CD is just brilliant!"

From John W. Patterson, editor of Fusion/Progressive Magazine: "ENVISION is Yes reborn, the ravages of time removed, and the original sacred fires of aural excellence rekindled. My hat's off to you ENVISION! Three thumbs up, and my ears are smiling. Melissa, Matt, and crew -- you have touched one of the cornerstones of Art Rock and the foundation
shook! A golden rain of glistening prog gems lays at your feet. Well done!!"

From Roy DeRousse for Awaken Magazine: "ENVISION is an Ohio-based band whose mission is '[being] dedicated to performing the magic of classic Yes.' ENVISION has met that challenge. Its versions of the songs are very faithful to the originals, yet there are enough small differences to make it interesting to the fan who has heard the songs many, many times. ENVISION stays close enough to the originals while still adding something
fresh to keep it interesting."

From Kevin Carr: "Being a Yes fan for more than 24 years, I have always been intrigued by their music and their talent. So, of course I would set out to see any band that had the vision to play their music. I was lucky enough to catch the ENVISION show at Pop's in St. Louis. It was amazing and refreshing. ENVISION has done it right, and with great passion."

From Barb Carpenter: "I have always been amazed at the monstrous talent it takes for Yes to create their music, and have always held them in the highest esteem for it. But to find a band that mirrors Yes' music to the note, along with all of the heavenly sound effects and the heart behind Yes music, is truly a treasure I never thought I'd see in my lifetime. As, in my opinion, Yes' talent stands far above the myriad of musicians paraded before us throughout the last 32 years, Northeast Ohio's ENVISION stands right along with it. Believe me, that is no understatement and it is coming from a very discerning,
loyal Yes fan."

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