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We're pleased to have spent some time with YES over the last several tours and are incredibly flattered by the following comments! These photos are from the Ladder tour.

After the Pittsburgh show, Melissa was introduced to Jon Anderson by Alan White. (YES she was in heaven) Alan asked Jon if he knew whose hand he was shaking , (of course he didn't) Alan then said, " This is the one who sounds just like you." Jon replied," Oh, I've heard your recording, and I really enjoyed it."

We were able to spend time with Chris after 4 different shows and it was quite an experience! He watched a video tape of ENVISION and was very complimentary. He said we should go to Las Vegas and "make a ton of money". Hmmmm...

Melissa was so excited to finally meet Steve. When she introduced herself, he smiled and said he knew who she was! He thanked her for doing such a good job on such tough music, saying that he knew how hard their music was. He said he has listened and watched video of the band and, "found it very enjoyable. It's amazing how well you've managed to decipher what we did". He wished her luck and hoped to hear more from ENVISION in the future.

When Matt met Alan in Cleveland after the show, he said with a smile, "Oh, so you are the one! You guys are very good, is your lead singer here?" Matt introduced Alan to Melissa, and the first thing Alan White ever said to her was, "You sound too much like Jon!" (beem me up Scottie...) He is truely one of the sweetest people on the planet! It is beyond amazing that M&M not only met everyone in YES, but were priviledged enough to spend time connecting.

Melissa: "I'm in heaven!" Can you blame me? Some moments I'll never erase from memory - Alan hugging me and saying ,"you seem like such a wonderful person, I just like you..." Steve smiling when he hears who I am....Jon remembering who I am, a miracle indeed!!...Matt playing Igor's keyboards in Philly prior to the show....Jon giving me a peace sign from stage and smiling at me...the end of the Philly show when Chris and Alan, much to Jon's amusement, kept extending the ending of Roundabout because I was in the front challanging them with a fake drum roll thang, and we were all smiling, laughing & interacting, it was the BEST!

From: Patrick Moraz, keyboardist for YES 1975-1977

"Envision sounds great, at times better than the original"

From: Bill Martin, author - " Music of Yes, Structure and Vision in Progressive Rock"

"Your renditions of the Yes material are amazing and uncanny.My particular favorite is "South Side of the Sky". It's very neat to hear this material with a female singer. Melissa's inflections are amazing"

From: Tim Morse, author - " Yesstories, YES in their own words"

"Dear Matt, I wanted to thank-you for the care package I received in the mail today. I had the chance to listen to the tape in the car and was quite impressed! My favorite performances are South Side and Wonderous Stories"

From: Jeff Hunnicutt, co-editor of Notes From The Edge - the internet YES source, ProgDay council.

"Envision is great, very true to the sound. The CD is just brilliant"

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