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"Live @ The Tralf"

Two CD set Recorded direct to disc at The Tralf concert club in Buffalo, New York on 2/1/02

Watcher of the Skies, Dance on a Volcano, Firth of Fifth, Squonk, Cinema Show, Lillywhite Lillith, Fly on a Windshield, Colony of Slippermen, The Lamb / Musical Box, Supper's Ready, One For the Vine, In the Cage / Afterglow, Return of the Giant Hogweed


"The Genesis sound is nicely recreated on these discs and at times, like the ending of Dance on a Volcano, they even outdo the original. I think the best testament regarding "Live @ The Tralf" is that it makes you want to catch Seconds Out, the next time they come around." - Tim Morse

"I am amazed by the talent displayed on these two CDs. This is not just a note-for-note tribute. The band really manages to re-create the feel of the original songs. Singing, guitar work, the rhythm section, and especially the keyboards are simply right on the money.  It is not an exageration to say that the members of Genesis probably couldn't do it any better themselves."   - Brian Kellahur

"All I can say is WOW!  The band sounds so incredibly close to Genesis, it's spooky." - Progressive Edge

Musical Discoveries
(06 April 2003) "Seconds Out is a classic Genesis tribute band. With Matt Riddle on keyboards, the band is also comprised of Robbie Cooper (lead vocals), Joe Mombrea (guitar, vocals), Rob Thurman (drums, vocals) and Ian Cattell (bass, vocals). The first CD of the set includes nine tracks while the second includes the remaining four. Vocal work, instrumental arrangements, production and recording are all excellent, especially for the band's first live performance. Their representation of Genesis' material is outstanding..."    more

Live @ the Tralf


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