MAY 31, 1980

Source: Billboard Magazine

Buggles Drafted To Join Yes

LONDON -- In one of the more surprising amalgamations of rock talent in memory, the two main members of the Buggles, an Island act which hit the charts worldwide with "Video Killed The Radio Star," have joined established band, Yes.

It means that singer Jon Anderson and multi-keyboards man Rick Wakeman have quit the Yes lineup (Wakeman for the second time) and let in Geoff Downes, also a multi-keyboardist, and singer Trevor Horn from the Buggles.

Biggest loser in the changeover would appear to be Island records, for "Video Killed The Radio Star" was one of the company's biggest selling records worldwide.

But the Buggles have consistently claimed that it was essentially a "plastic group" to meet the needs of a plastic age, latter phrase the title of the group's debut Island album.

Chris Squire, who remains with Alan White and Steve Howe, says, "Now we're a revitalized and regenerated band, playing now again as a real unit."

This drastic change of personnel for one of the most consistent of British bands leaves its U.S. and Canadian (plus European territories) tour unchanged for the late 1980, and the trek will feature old Yes repertoire, along with material from the new album, which will feature the two ex-Buggles.

Eddie Offord has re-enlisted to produce the new album, and Roger Dean will be back working on its sleeve design.

Both Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman will push ahead with solo projects. Anderson has already been involved with other artists, having teamed up successfully with Greece's Vangelis on the "Short Stories" album.

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